The Digital Signage is part of the natural transformation of the traditional marketing into a new marketing era. It’s not just a trend, although it would have sense as well. Aesthetic is a differentiation factor: everyone wants to be noticed in a good way. Using digital signage, advertisers can present new products or services to a large target group more easily. Networking billboards with coordinated advertising messages generate a higher level of attention, and an in-store advertising network is easy to set up. It targets customers more easily with important information and offers, leading to a better shopping experience and a longer stay. Target group-specific advertising also improves customer service. Campaigns are no longer geared solely to geographic and seasonal specifics. Short-term trends and social influences can also be taken up.
Besides, the digital marketing IN-STORE engages. Nowadays, people are used to watch movies, read information, scroll multiple pages, and interact with the information technology. We all are more attracted by something we are familiar with. Hence the Digital Signage is the answer to what people wants.
Finally it’s where the marketing is going to, which means that many new features will add up to the basic display. It’s convenient to be part of this technology to better understand its evolution.
Your store or office are the place of your business; there are certainly many information to share with people there. Image how many combined images, video, and text can roll over a digital display. Perhaps the right question would be: “What Digital Signage?”
Technology that people love.