Glarish Top Review is a Proven Technology that Improves Customers Review and Business Reputation!

Reviews Influence Sales

97% online users read reviews of businesses

Yes! We can help boost the real reviews of your business

93% of consumers say online reviews impact their decisions about local businesses, including Yours!


A very simple explanation

While you’re looking for places near you on Google Search and Google Map, you will see their reviews. Online reviews increase consumer trust and give you a direct line to consumers. While 97% of online users will read reviews, only a small percentage of customers will write a good review!

Asking customers to write a review it’s uneasy task. Recovering a bad review it’s cumbersome!

You can start now with Glarish Top Review.

Our tool has been effective for business owners who seamlessly recovered bad reviews and improved their online reviews.

What We Do for Your Business

Gift Card, Rewards & Incentives Marketing

Automatic Texts, Reminds & Booking

Promoting Positive Customer Reviews

How Does It Work

How Glarish Top Review Works

Our technology is automatic and requires minimum or no additional work from your company according to the plan that you will select. Business owners love it because it improves the business reputation, it gives to the business owner full control of the reputation and the the business growth. Lear more, get a complimentary consultation. Contact us

What You Gain

Reviews = Reputation

A Better Business

We will help you lure your customers about the importance of leaving reviews

  • Improved Service Quality

  • Optimized Listing

  • Strategic Customer Retention

  • Great Customer Service

  • Great Reviews

  • Recovering Bad Reviews

  • Boosting Ads

  • Enhanced Branding

Fake Reviews Hurt the Business

Glarish tracks down the fake reviews through cross verification

“Glarish garantees the results”

We analyze the customer potential on the internet and guarantees visitors traffic to the customer's Website when ordered with SEO TOP 10 & Analytics service






Top Review Pricing Condition

Please note that this price plan describe our fees to manage your online customer reviews. It includes the marketing strategy and actions to improve the customer reviews on Google and Yelp. For ecommerce, it may also includes the customer review improvement on specific platforms (Amazon or other marketplace). This plan includes some exchange of message with customers. SMS are included in limited quantity according to the chosen plan. The value of this service is that it will generate business that you can measure and appreciate for yourself, even without our detailed reports. It will also save you time, money, and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. To get detailed reports systematically, please see Glarish Guarantee Results .

Top Customer Reviews Service Details


Setup Fee

The Top Review Service may need to set-up platforms to handle SMS and email with the customers. These new platforms and configurations have a set-up fee, which are one-time services fee that are required to perform this service. Please contact us to receive a custom proposal from us and we will determine what is best for your business.

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