Digital Signage

The Digital Signage is your greatest opportunity to communicate with streaming videos rather than still banners and printed signs.

Price Plan
  • Digital Signage Fashion Store Retail
  • Digital Signage SPA Hotel
  • Digital Signage Real Estate

Unlimited Opportunities

The Digital Signage are LED Monitors or LED Displays that stream video and multimedia content to better reach your audience.

The most powerful tool to strengthen connections with people or grow sales at your storefront, business areas, or any available space.

Our storefront screens enhance our properties showcases

Real Estate Manager, Real Estate Agency (Turin - Italy)

Everybody looks at our cooking videos while dining

Chef, Restaurant (Los Angeles)

Definitely the brightest way to present our special dishes

Manager, Restaurant (Los Angeles)

Our screens stream multiple properties and opportunities

Manager, Real Estate Agency (MO - Italy)

We enhance latest fashion colors and style with stunning videos

Manager, Apparel Store (Los Angeles)

We respected our clients privacy by not showing the real client’s picture.

Gain Your customers attention

Glarish clients confirmed increasing in sales and visitors with screens advertising product and services at their locations. It’s not about some screens running random images and TV channels.

Give a chance to your customers to stop watching their phone and start enjoying our captivating marketing and superior-quality visual communication that help them make better choices while growing your business.

Simplified Digital Signal Technology



Install Any Screen


Glarishow Player

Connect Glarish Player

(easy like a game box)


Glarishow Membership

Activate Your Glarish Service

Fashion Slide 3 Fashion Store 2 Fashion Slide 4 Fashion Store 2 Fashion Slide 3

Create Your Multimedia Streams

Our Creative experts develop great Messages, Images, and Videos that Increase Your Sales
Beautiful multimedia stories will enhance the value and quality of Your Business
Share and connect your Social Presence to Your Client's one
Engage the audience with (widgets) weather, clock, news, and more live content

Advanced Streaming and Control Features

Seamlessly switch from single screen to Video Wall just with a plan change
Programmable automatic monitor switch ON/OFF
Run Screens offline when WiFi or Lan fails
Schedule unlimitate playlist (Holidays, Specials, Deals, Discounts, etc.)
Unlimited Users and Roles per screen
Control unlimited screens in asynchronous/synchronous modes

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