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Glarish uses functional and analytical cookies to make sure our website works properly and to offer you the best possible user experience. By using this website, functional and analytical cookies will be installed on your browser. With the user consent, we are also able to leverage marketing cookies to (i) analyse this site marketing performance and to (ii) personalize the offers in our advertisements. By placing these cookies, Glarish and third parties can track the user internet behavior to make the website content and advertisements more relevant to the user interests. By "Accepting" Glarish marketing cookie, the user (you) consents (consent) to the adding of marketing cookies to the user's browser. The user's browser can clean up all cookies anytime as explained in our Cookie Help article. By "Rejecting" Glarish marketing cookies, no marketing cookies will be added to the user broswer. Glarish also offers a simplified switch to change the user preferences about Glarish's marketing cookies at anytime.

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