Every business needs digital signage to thoroughly connect with people, users, and customers. Each business requires specific display, player, and content editor to execute its marketing strategy. Glarish team is customizing specialized solution by industry to make digital signage easier and effective.

The Display

Selecting the right digital display is tricky. Moreover in some countries (i.e.: Italy) the monitor for the digital signage must be just a monitor without tuner TV to avoid paying the RAI subscription, which is mandatory for all devices able to connect to radio-frequency channel. The best approach to select a monitor according to the actual purpose rather then what seems to be the best:

  1. Brightness expressed in candle or nit
  2. Size
  3. Size ratio
  4. Bezel
  5. Interconnection

Brightness vary from 200 nits to thousands of nits. A brightness between 400 and 700 nits is good enough for any in-store application with strong external light. The problem of these display is the high price. As a reference only, multiply a standard display price * nits * 1/100 and you can have a rough idea of how it would increase your monitor price.

Size depends from many things related to the business type, the location, the available space, and the message. An architect or a marketing manager with digital signage experience would certainly help you choose the best.

Size ratio is the screen format. While any size ratio is good, it’s wise to select the mainstream size ratio of 16:9 in order to be compatible with many media.

Bezel size it’s important by specific utilization. For wall application, the bezel must be very thin, almost invisible. Single stand alone digital display may need a nice bezel size design to better match the may actually give a classic note to the screen.

Interconnection must be HDMI.

The Player

Video and wall effects requires high performance hardware, which is typically expensive. Glarish offers a very low cost hardware able to perform outstanding video wall effect. For limited playlist, this solutions execute excellent visual marketing with a total cost of about 1/5 of any other solution. Why spend more if it’s not needed? However Glarish software is compatible with any standard hardware. It’s convenient and important selecting standard hardware for cost and trasportability reason. A standard hw can be used with any digital signage vendor: no string attached!

Glarish offers consultation for your hardware. Get in touch with u.

Content Editor

Creating the first slide or video may become difficult (and expensive) with complex content editor. Glarish platform is used by more than 20 Million users worldwide, which makes this platform easier, friendly, well supported, and secure. Creating and developing with Glarish it’s definitely the fastest and simplest way, with thousands of new features and widgets that are going to join this innovative platform.

Glarish made it simple to lower the overall cost and make easy to design/install everything.

However you can alwas contact Glarish for advice and support and design.

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